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Dead Hand - School Horror Game - an entertaining horror game with elements of an adventure game for android devices.Horror begins at school Entertaining horror game on Android, where you will find yourself in a rather creepy school inhabited by evil monsters. Here you will need to find and take away all the records with evidence, while trying not to catch the eye of the terrifying director, who has already come out to explore the corridors of the school and is looking for you. To avoid running into the director, you can hide under tables or in cabinets, but if you don't react in time, meeting with the director will lead you to the end of the game. An Unforgettable Adventure You can download this free horror game for Android and start get all the necessary records with evidence, while being as careful as possible and not making mistakes, otherwise they can become fatal for you. Wrummy nobobith each new update, even more continent will be added to the game, the intelligence of the monster will improve and new opponents will appear. Here you will find the presence of a ghost mode and intense gameplay, a system of difficulty levels, a large area for moving around the school, excellent visual design and a well-developed character heartbeat system, so that when the evil director approaches, the protagonist's heart will begin to beat faster and louder.CPU---Android OS4.4Open GL---Free Space 115.94 MBAndroid TVNoGamepad SupportNoInternetNoEnglish languageNoHow do we get this dataWhats newUpdate history-----

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